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Unmatched Expertise

Arch and Godfrey is one of the oldest, largest, most experienced and well-respected construction companies in the Cayman Islands. From private homes to luxury condominiums, office buildings, retail centres, hotels, and more, the company has played an integral role in shaping the Cayman Islands’ built environment. 

Arch and Godfrey formed “a tradition of excellence” by bringing together highly qualified and experienced staff, responding to market demands, applying modern management methods and information technology and forming strong working relationships.

The company’s uncompromising commitment to quality, excellence and integrity informs every aspect of the business. 

Lasting Legacy

In 1972, Heber Arch and Michael Godfrey joined forces, establishing Arch & Godfrey to meet the demands of the rapidly developing islands. The company was at the forefront of Cayman’s construction industry and quickly established itself as a leader. 

Since its inception, the company has consistently supported the community, undertaking charitable engagements along with hiring, training and advancing capable Caymanians.

For the past 50 years, Arch and Godfrey has played an integral role in the development of the Cayman Islands’ built environment. Today, Arch and Godfrey’s legacy is evident across the islands.

Our Team

Experienced, passionate, and committed to excellence.

Garth Arch

Managing Director

Heber G. Arch


Mike Godfrey


Richard Saxton

Chief Financial Officer

Andylyn Anderson

Accounts Payable

Udith Rankine

Human Resources Administrator / Personal Assistant

Dean Gaffigan

Senior Project Manager / Quantity Surveyor

Dave Hanlon

Senior Project Manager

Andrew McBean

Senior Project Manager / Quantity Surveyor

Our Team Past & Present

Arch and Godfrey owes much to many, and none more so than the dedicated individuals who have formed part of the team over the years, including (but not limited to):

Gordon Alexander
Andylyn Anderson
Nicholas Anderson
Arthur Arch
Beryl Arch
Juliette Arch
Terry-Ann Arch
Lee Attebury
Frank Barnes
Carleigh Bell
Lloyd Black
Maurice Blanchard
Davin Borden
Daniel Brassard
Delano Bush
Joan Campbell

Anthony DeGuzman
Byron Dunn
Chris Duty
James Ebanks
Martin Ebanks
John Edwards
Dave Erb
John Elliot
Dave Forrest
George Foster
Alex Frederick
Bobby Frederick
Tony Frederick
Dean Gaffigan
Ryan Galloway
John Gibson

Fitzroy Levene
Stephen Maclaren
Marlon Marshall
Shawn Maxwell
Andrew McBean
Breandon McDonnell
Eoin McGrath
James McVey
Andrew Mellaneo
Junior Messervier
Joel Mislos
Fitzroy Monroe
John Moore
Radley Motrille
John Myles
Olaya Newball

Sheik Sataur
Richard Saxton
Dan Scott
Lloyd Scott
Ed Shelly
Bob Sheppard
Dave Smith
Kevin Snider
Kenneth Spraggon
Leighton Stanley
Mitch St. Clair
I. Stoney
Andy Thomas
George Thomas
Anthony Thomlinson
Paul Van Rensburg

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