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Arch & Godfrey Head Office

Arch & Godfrey Head Office

Located on Mary Street in George Town, The Arch and Godfrey office building was completed in 2015. The project included the renovation of a traditional 100 year old Caymanian house and a modern 4,000 square foot addition. The renovation was designed to preserve this example of local architectural heritage while setting an example for building to the highest environmental standards. Thus, original wood floors, beadboard walling and internal doors were restored, and hurricane-rated glass was set into original window frames. The modern addition, while incorporating the same architecture and aesthetics, is a Class A office building. Environmental sustainability was a key driver for both the renovation and the new build, and a host of features, including a solar system by SunPower, high energy efficiency ratings, natural lighting, native landscaping, LED lighting, and a cistern for harvesting rainwater, were incorporated. With the structural integrity to withstand Category 5 hurricanes, the office also serves as a hurricane shelter for staff. Arch and Godfrey’s office building was awarded the LEED Platinum certification in recognition of its environmentally-responsible design and operations, and it won the award for Best Office Development in the Cayman Islands at the 2015 International Property Awards.

Completion: 2015
Client / Developer: Heber G. Arch
Architect: Trevor Baxter and Andrew Gibb
Lead Staff: Andrew McBean, James Harvey, Bob Sheppard, Nicholas Mellaneo
Location: Grand Cayman, George Town

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