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Owen Roberts International Terminal

Owen Roberts International Terminal

The contract to redevelop the Owen Roberts International Airport was Arch and Godfrey’s first Government contract and remains one of their proudest achievements. Constructed in 1984, the project was completed four months ahead of schedule, and came in under budget. The 100,000 square foot terminal had a steel-framed structure, concrete floors and block walls, enhanced with exterior coral stone and cedar wood. The two distinctive A-frame roofs housed spacious arrival and departure concourses, immigration and security offices, a VIP lounge, restaurant and cocktail bar, an exchange bank and duty-free shops.

Completion: 1984
Client / Developer: Cayman Islands Airport Authority
Architect: APEC – Jeremy Sibley and Arek Joseph, CGMJ
Lead Staff: David Forest, John Gibson, John Elliot, Llyod Black, Elsmer Range, Gordon Alexander, John Moore
Location: Grand Cayman, George Town

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