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Scott’s Marine and Boat Showroom

Scott’s Marine and Boat Showroom

Scott’s Marine is a full service marine centre located within The Barcadere Marina, on the shores of the North Sound. The 16,000 square foot facility includes a chandlery, service centre and a 6,000 square foot air-conditioned boat showroom – possibly the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. The facility has a poured architectural concrete frame which was constructed with a specially designed “self-consolidating” concrete mix that was created specifically for this job. The project commenced in late 2010 and was completed in 14 months. Scotts Barcadere went on to win the Governor’s Award for Design and Construction Excellence in 2013.

Completion: 2012
Client / Developer: Barcadere Marina
Architect: Chalmers Gibbs
Lead Staff: Andrew McBean, Bob Sheppard, Nicholas Mellaneo, James Harvey
Location: Grand Cayman, George Town

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